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Epica is an impressive virtual instrument, with great patches and full of editing options. Created by Sam Spacey, Epica has a huge 13 GB library, made of samples from vintage synths like Arp Odyssey MkIII, Yamaha CS15, Yamaha CS30, Roland DX7, Roland DX50, Matrix 6R, Future Retro, among others. All sounds were recorded using high-quality hardware equipment, such as Eventide H8000FW, UBK FATSO, Neve 1073 preamp, Lexicon PCM 96 and several analog guitar pedals.

Originally designed for film scores,  Epica comes with 600 patches, organized into nine categories: Pads, Bright, Soft, Bass, Mono, Plucked, Sci-FX, Effected, and Sequence. There’s also a dedicated interface where the user can control parameters, such as filter, amplitude, pitch and modulation, including ADSR controls. So, Epica is not just a preset instrument; it has amazing sound possibilities.


The interface seems a lot retro – each parameter has a knob for edition. At the top, there are ADSR controls for Amplitude, as well as Velocity knobs for Filter and Amp.

Pitch controls include attack, decay, and sustain, and also an amount knob (instead of release). The Filter section has typical parameters, like ADSR, frequency, resonance, envelope amount and key track.

Epica also has three LFO controls for filter, amp and pitch, as well as a delay effect.

Start by navigating through the sounds and soon you will notice how epic this instrument is!


–    Up to 13 GB of samples from great analog synths;

–    600 patches;

–    Over 17,000 / 24-bit 44.1kHz samples;

–    Free Kontakt Player 5 required;

–    Also compatible with the full Kontakt 5 (and above);

–    Windows 7 (or higher);

–    Mac OS X 10.7  (or higher).

Epica can be purchased for $130.99 via direct download on Zero-G website:

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