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Wide Blue Sound – Orbit VST

Wide Blue Sound – Orbit VST

Wide Blue Sound Orbit is a Kontakt virtual synth dedicated to creating atmospheric textures.

Its user-friendly interface brings the possibility of generating pulses, pads and rhythms and it’s perfect for composers, producers and sound designers.
Orbit’s panel is quite simple and stunning: 4 sound sources slots, where you can set gain, pan, tune, cut, resonance and filter parameters individually. There’s also a mute/play button, so you can select whether you want some orbit to sound or not.

The synth has an effects section with delays, reverbs, distortions, modulations and filters to add more sound design possibilities.

There’s a rhythm section where you can create really fascinating pulse patterns, resulting in stunning textures and amazing pads. You will find 4 step sequencers that can be assigned to various functions, such as global or individual pan, cutoff, volume, etc., making it possible to build amazing sounds. The idea of this synth is “rhythm texture” – and the results are fantastic.


– 4 slots to assign sound sources;
– 101 sounds available for each Orbit;
– 4 independent sequencers that modulate a wide range of parameters in the instrument;
– 250 presets;
– Audio effects section;
– Kontakt 5.5 or higher required;
– Compatible with free Kontakt Player;
– Lifetime free updates.

Orbit is certainly a fun and productive virtual synth to design fantastic sounds.
You can purchase the product via direct download in the Wide Blue Sound website:


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