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Vatanator is the first product from Backpullver – a team of electronic musicians from Bulgaria. The idea was to create a good drum machine for playing music live or at the studio.

The product comes with 140 built-in presets and the possibility to store the user’s patterns as well. It’s possible to load audio samples use the pads to trigger them. Another way of playing Vatanator is to use the 16/32 built-in step sequencer with advanced MIDI options.

In the main screen, we have a drop down menu to access the pattern library, and buttons to access mixer, step sequencer, song mode, and preferences. The effects controls are shown side by side with the sample editor.

Below are the 8 pads and buttons for record and play, as well as tempo, volume and pitch controls.

Vatanator has excellent midi learn options so that you can map pads, buttons and parameters to a midi controller or DAW software as Ableton Live, for example.

It’s available for iPads only, but the iPhone version is on the way.


  • 8 pads for trigger audio samples;
  • 140 built-in patterns;
  • 8-channel mixer with volume control and individual mute/solo buttons;
  • Ability to import samples via AudioCopy, Dropbox and iTunes Share;
  • Audiobus, Audiobus remote, Inter-App Audio, and Ableton Link support;
  • Advanced MIDI options;
  • Excellent MIDI mapping features;
  • iOS 7.1 and later compatible.

You can buy Vatanator via AppStore by $ 5.99.

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