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UVI has released a new virtual instrument inspired by the Korg PS-3200, an extremely rare analog synth which was used in the late 70’s by names such as Hans Zimmer, Jean Michel Jarre and Keith Emerson.

UVS-3200 is a programmable polyphonic synthesizer. It has two oscillators, with independent volume and pan knobs, as well as configurable ADSR envelopes for filter and amplitude. Each oscillator has 24 waveform presets.

The Filter section has Cutoff, Resonance, Velocity and Depth controls, and also it’s possible to toggle between HP, BP, LP filter types, or even set it to off.

UVS-3200 comes with an FX section, where the user can choose from 1 to 5 available effects: Drive, Chorus, Phaser, Delay and Reverb. The instrument has an arpeggiator section, with individual settings for oscillators 1 and 2. Also, a Modulation section, where the user can modulate Volume and Filter, combined with a Step Modulator. An LFO, with four available waveforms, is present and is an amazing tool to create interesting sounds.

The virtual instrument comes with 223 patches, reproducing authentic sounds of the Korg PS-3200. All presets can be fully edited and saved as new patches. All sounds are organized into instrument folders, such as brass, bass, keys, leads, chords, bells, and more.


  • Polyphonic analog synthesizer;
  • 2 oscillators;
  • Amplitude envelope;
  • Filter envelope;
  • 3 filter types;
  • Modulation section;
  • Arpeggiator;
  • FX section;
  • 5797 samples;
  • 223 presets;
  • 1 kHz sample resolution;
  • Windows 7 (or higher) and Mac OS X 10.7 (or higher) supported;
  • 32 and 64-bit versions;
  • AU, AAX, VST and stand-alone formats.

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