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Using your Phase Correlation Meter

Using your Phase Correlation Meter

In this tutorial we look at the phase correlation meter.

Do you know what a correlation meter does ?

Well, a correlation meter will display the phase relationship of your stereo signal.

so if your correlation meter is displaying far left, you’re hitting out of phase somewhere in your mix and that will mean cancelations. If your meter is centre, you have very wide stereo going, but if your meter is displaying far right then everything is in phase, or correlating completely.

So, what does this mean ?

If you have an issue with phasing this can manifest itself in some audio being cancelled out. For example having one track cancelling out another, simply if the peaks of one track are hitting the same time as the troughs of another track.

This can occur a lot, possibly if you’ve recorded something using several mics.

All is not lost though, as you can adjust the positioning of some the mics used to record the audio, or if this isn’t possible, invert one signal using your DAW.


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