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Universal Audio released Apollo Twin USB, a 2-in/6-out, 24-bit/192 kHz, USB 3.0 audio interface, adding one more amazing product from the Universal Audio family. Built-in with premium mic preamps and class-leading conversion quality, Apollo Twin USB is an excellent choice for producers, composers, musicians and studios.

Additionally to the analog inputs, Audio Twin USB comes with an Optical connection, making it possible to add eight digital inputs to the interface.

The product also comes with a complete bundle of UAD powered plugins, such as compressor, EQ, delay, reverb and more. Due to the onboard UAD-2 DSP processing, it’s possible to use the plugins in realtime at near-zero latency, without consuming the computer’s CPU.

Notice that all controls are located on the top panel. At the center, there’s a large pressure-sensitive knob which adjusts levels and also switches controls. The LEDs around it indicate input gain or monitor/headphone volume.

At the left, there’s the Input section. Both analog input 1 and 2 have independent meters. By pressing the Preamp button the user can switch between both channels. The input type (mic or line) can be selected through the Input button.

At the right there’s the Monitor section; the user can activate it by pressing the Monitor button. Another set of meters will display the main stereo signal output levels. Pressing the Monitor button one more time will activate the headphone controls.

Under the main knob, there’s a set of preamp option buttons, such as Input select (mic or line), low cut filter, +48V phantom power, pad, polarity and link.

The front panel has a hi-z instrument input and the headphone output.

The rear panel has two combo XLR/TRS inputs, two balanced monitor outputs, two balanced line outputs, USB port, power supply input, power switch and optical input.


  • 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion;
  • USB 3 port;
  • 2 analog XLR/TRS inputs;
  • Hi-z instrument input;
  • Optical input;
  • 2 monitor outputs;
  • 2 line outputs;
  • Realtime UAD processing;
  • Includes console software for routing and monitoring;
  • Power supply included;
  • Include Realtime Analog Classics Bundle audio plugins;
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and above.

Visit Universal Audio website: www.uaudio.com.


On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com