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U-He is a team of engineers/musicians that creates stunning synths and effect processors. Hive is one of their amazing virtual instruments. The product is a subtractive synthesizer built in a user-friendly interface. Any musician/producer/sound designer will soon feel comfortable with Hive’s engine.

The synth has two oscillators, two subs, two filters, two LFO’s and four envelopes (two for amplitude and two for modulation). You can easily understand Hive’s interface if you consider each side of the screen as each oscillator, with the hexagon at the center controlling arpeggiator, sequencer and effects.

At the top left, it’s possible to set if the voice mode of the synth, as well as the number of voices (1 to 16). Transpose and fine tune controls are also present. At the right, you can see a button called ‘Preset’, which will allow the user to navigate through over 2.000 stunning patches. Each one can be edited and saved in the user’s library.

Each oscillator has nine types of waves and up to 16 simultaneous voices. Detune, semitone, vibrato, phase and pan are also available, making it possible to create interesting sounds.

The filter part lets the user choose which oscillators or subs will be affected. There are typical cutoff, resonance and gain controls, as well as six filter types.

The LFO has eight wave types and also phase, rate, and sync editable parameters.

The envelope sector controls amplitude and modulation, and it comes with ADSR sliders, velocity knobs and four trigger types of action.

U-HE Hive has stunning modulation possibilities thanks also to its 12 modulation matrix controls. It’s possible to route a source parameter, such as LFO, oscillators, etc. to virtually any other Hive’s parameter.

The instrument also comes with a cool mapping mode, where the user can easily map knobs, buttons and sliders to a hardware midi controller.

U-HE Hive has a built-in arpeggiator and a step sequencer, making it great to create cool and exciting sequences.

There’s an effects sector, with seven types of effects, such as reverb, delay, chorus, EQ, compressor, phaser and distort, all fully editable.

Each customization on any group of parameters can be saved as a new user preset.

U-HE Hive, features:

– 2,700 presets.

– 2 oscillators, 2 sub-oscillators;

– 3 synth engines (normal, dirty, clean);

– 2 multimode filters;

– Solo buttons for oscillators and filters;

– Arpeggiator;

– Step sequencer;

– Modulation Matrix;

– 7 effects;

– Midi learn mode.

U-HE Hive is available for purchase at U-He website: https://www.u-he.com/cms/hive

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