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The Planet printscreen

Atom Hub builds Kontakt instruments made of experimental sample libraries. If you’re looking for a cool set of space sounds with a creative interface, you should take a look at The Planet.

The Planet is an ambient and guitar-based sample pack. Created by sound designer Mato Huba, it was recorded using electric guitar, guitar synth, a looper and some fx. The idea was to create sounds, pads, and sci-fi effects, and the result is impressive.

The interface might be a little confusing at the beginning, mostly because of the absence of names in the knobs (there are just Roman numerals). But soon you’ll notice that everything is very simple and original.

The design emulates a cockpit of a spaceshift, and each parameter has a label and a fancy name. By hovering the mouse over a knob or switch, it’s possible to see its description/function at the bottom of the screen.

At the left, there are two switches: GLM and EMI. Those stand for Gravitational Lens Modulator and Emitron. The first is just a Chorus on/off switch and the second is a Distortion on/off.

Also at the left, there are a set of four knobs which controls a BCC parameter. BCC stands for Babelevsky Conduit Centrifuge (hahaha, fantastic) . In short, it’s a phaser effect that offers four control parameters: depth, speed, phase and output level).

At the bottom, three knobs for an FF (Frequency Filter) control: filter cutoff, resonance, and bandwidth.

At the right, the ERR section (Exotic Rays Reflector) – it’s Huba’s creative name for delay on/off. The three knobs control delay time, feedback and output level.

The LWD section (Large Wardrobe Detector) at the right is simply a Reverb effect, with three available controls: reverb size, color, and output level.

Notice that there are two more switches at the right. The A switch is a Stereo on/off. The other is MRB (Main Refine Breaker) – a flanger on/off.

At last, Entry and Vent knobs control respectively the attack and release of the waveform.

The Planet weighs 148 MB and comes with 99 patches (88 single nki and 11 multi). It requires Kontakt 5.1 and above.

Visit Atom Hub website: www.atomhub.net.

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