Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Reese Bass Serum Tutorial

Reese Bass Serum Tutorial - this has been requested a few times, so here we go.

Serum Goblin Growl Tutorial

Serum Goblin Growl tutorial - in this tutorial we show you how to make the ultimate goblin growl and how it would sound in...

Create a Serum Super Saw Tutorial

Serum Super Saw Tutorial - In this video we show you how to create not one saw sound in Serum, but a Super Saw...

Serum tips and tricks

Serum tips and tricks Here's some really cool tips and tricks for all Serum users. What a synth indeed

Emotions Dark Beauty – Serum presets

Emotions Dark Beauty - Serum presets This pack of sound presets for Serum is a little bit different, as it really shows off what Serum...

Jauz Serum Tutorial

Jauz Serum Tutorial. Ok, in this episode we look at sculting a cool bass synth sound so you can follow along and try this...

Martin Garrix Serum Tutorial

In this tutorial for Serum we look at a creating a synth sound based on the hook in Martin Garrix's Animals track. If you don't...

Marshmello Serum tutorial

Marshmello Serum tutorial In this tutorial for Serum, we look at creating a Marshmello Saw Bass sound. Starting off with using two osciallators, adding in...

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