Superwave P8
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Superwave is a software company which develops analog plugin synths and drums. The company offers P8: a free virtual analog synth. With 2 oscillators, P8 it’s a good tool to create leads, pads and strings.

Superwave P8 is perfect for electronic music – producers and DJs will really enjoy exploring the synth’s features. Browsing through the presets you will hear typical 80’s patches, similar to the ones heard on Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk’s tracks.

The virtual instrument is an 8-note polyphony synth. It has filter and amplitude ADSR controls as well as LFO and modulation parameters.

At the top there are PAN knobs for both oscillators, as well as detune controls for each one of the voices. It also has also portamento on/off buttons and volume control for the oscillators.

It’s possible to set two filters and two amplitude envelopes, controllable by ADSR slides. There are also two LFO with several routing options.

The modulation parameter can also be routed in various ways.

The synth comes with 2 built-in delay processors, capable of creating interesting effects. It has also polyphony options and pitch bend settings.


Superwave P8, features:

  • 2 oscillators;
  • 7 waveforms;
  • two resonant filters;
  • 2 amps;
  • 2 low frequency oscillators;
  • Modulation with multiple routing options;
  • 64 high quality presets.

You can download P8 for free at

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