Steinberg CC121 Advanced integration controller
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Steinberg’s hardware controller for both Cubase and Nuendo

Anyone who’s ever tried to record music using a DAW software noticed this: controlling all recording and editing parameters using a mouse can become tedious and sometimes frustrating. So, using a hardware controller can make things efficient and pleasant.
Steinberg then has released the CC121 – a hardware controller for both Cubase and Nuendo. It covers the main software’s recording features in a very intuitive way.
The product is plug and play: there’s no simpler way to install it.

At the left, you can find a motorized fader that controls either a channel/group or a master channel. There are buttons for mute, solo, automation, record and even open a vst instrument assigned to a track.
In the black middle section, there are a group of buttons and knobs to control EQ parameters of each track. As well as inserts and sends volumes. Unfortunately, this part only controls the built-in equalizer, not third-party plugins.

You can purchase the CC121 by accessing Steinberg’s website.
The transport panel can be viewed at the bottom of this section, and it consists of 8 buttons covering play, pause, record, loop and the rewind/forward functions.
The upper left section is a group of 1 knob and 4 buttons, fully assignable to almost any Cubase/Nuendo feature.
At the bottom left, there’s the AI Knob – a product innovation that controls any Cubase, effects or VSTi parameters just by moving the mouse over it.
There’s also a footswitch controller which can be set to record and pause. For example, making the recording process much more practical.
So, if you’re tired of intensive mouse clicking to record and edit your productions in Cubase or Nuendo, here’s a real hardware alternative.

Steinberg’s website:

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