SSL 2+ Are you using 4K legacy to its full

2020 saw the Manufacturer of high end mixing consoles and studio hardware, Solid State Logic, release two new audio interfaces – the SSL 2 and the SSL 2 plus.
Now, SSL has been producing cutting edge studio hardware for decades but these two devices sees SSL’s high end features engineered into an affordable audio interface.
Whilst both devices feature SSL’s class leading Mic Pre-amps, studio quality monitoring and their Legacy 4K analogue enhancement, its the SSL 2 plus we love the most for one great reason.
If you already have an SSL 2 plus, have you been using your SSL 2 Plus to its full capacity ? Chances are, probably not – and we’ll explain why. Let’s get started.
So basically, the Legacy 4K feature is an all new analogue enhancement effect, which as SSL themselves say “Is inspired by the character of their Legendary Series 4000 console”.
The two characteristics of Legacy 4K are firstly, a high frequency EQ boost and secondly, a subtle harmonic distortion – both of which the Series 4000 consoles does and is much known and loved for doing so.
This new analogue effect SSL says you can employ to really liven up dull or boring input sources.
Now – that’s all well and good but why stop at input sources. Let’s go the whole way here. What do we mean ? well let’s explain further.
Because the SSL 2 Plus has an additional pair of outputs, we can use the SSL 2 Plus’s Analogue Enhancement on any track within your DAW simply by routing any channel in your digital audio workstation to outputs 3 and 4, then connecting your SSL 2 Plus’ outputs 3 and 4 to its inputs 1 and 2 – with the help of an RCA to TRS cable, and then finally recording that new input back into your DAW as a new track but with Legacy 4K mode engaged.
We could also apply this to sub groups such as drums, or even apply this method to your track’s master mix outs.

we think this is an overlooked additional benefit of the SSL 2 Plus and that it should be at the forefront of your uses of the SSL 2 Plus, especially if you’re generating and mixing some or all of your audio in the box.
Now you can apply SSL’s Legacy 4K analogue effect on any or all your tracks in a composition.

Here at CreatingTracks.Com we think the SSL 2 Plus is definitely our favourite audio interface of the year – due to its feature set, quality and pricing.
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