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Cloud computing is one more technology innovation that came to change the way we deal with files. We can now extend this concept to music. In the old days we used to buy an album (either cassette, vinyl or cd) to listen to our preferred songs; then mp3 came, and we just needed to purchasea download and store the song on our computer. Now, we have the option to subscribe to a cloud-based service and have access to thousands (even millions) of songs.
The concept is being adapted to music production as well.

Splice Sounds is the name of the cloud–based service that gives the user access to thousands of sample packs. By subscribing, music producers can preview all content of a sample library and then download just the samples they need.

Have you ever bought a sample pack and ended up with lots of unused sounds? Then you should consider this new service. In your Splice Sounds account, you can create customized sample libraries by collecting samples from the website’s cloud. There are packs from renowned names such as Loopmasters, Black Octopus, and Prime Loops.

Split Sounds offers two subscription plans: $7.99 for 100 credits per month and $13.99 for 300 credits per month. It’s possible to create custom packs of any size in your account without using the credits. If you cancel your account, you still will have access to the sounds you have stored on your computer.
In Splice Sounds you will also find synth presets for Massive, Sylenth, Serum and Spire. The idea is always to grow not only the number of sample libraries but the number of vendors as well.
Visit Splice website and try a 14-days free auditioning: www.splice.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com