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SPECTRASONICS Omnisphere 2 (website)


It was 2008 when the first Omnisphere was released onto the world. Following on from Atmosphere, Omnisphere is a Windows/Mac synthesizer plugin that features amazing presets, a huge library of sounds and a very user-friendly programming mode.

Omnisphere soon became one of the most soft synths used amongst electronic music producers, sound designers and soundtrack composers. Its stunning patches and sound possibilities made Omnisphere  a must-have in the music production scene.
Just one update was released since then (v. 1.5). Now, with the release of Omnisphere 2, Spectrasonics has expanded the plugin to a new level.

The new features include:

– 12,000 amazing sounds;
– New interface, which makes browsing sounds more easy;
– An improvement in the Granular Synthesis algorithm;
– 400 DSP waveforms for the synth oscillator;
– Wavetable synthesis;
– 8 new filter types;
– Soundsource reversing;
– New arpeggiator features;
– 25 new effects;
– 16 fx units per patch;
– Audio Import – now you can use any audio file as a soundsource;
– 10 oscillators per patch;
– 6 LFOs per patch;
– 8 independent arpeggiators.

The product includes for free the Omni TR, an iPad remote app.

For the preset users, the stunning sound quality of the patches will fit in any kind of production. For the synth programmers or editors, the new features will make the sound possibilities virtually infinite. To either new or existing users, I strongly recommend Omnisphere 2. It’s worth the price.

You can purchase the boxed product in any authorized resellers near you. There’s also the download version in Spectrasonics website. The price is the same: $ 499.
If you own the 1.0 or 1.5 version, you can upgrade Omnisphere for $249.
If you are a customer who owns Omnisphere, Trillian and Stylus RMX, the upgrade cost is $199.

Visit Spectrasonics website, more information about Omnisphere 2 :


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