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Sonokinetic – Percussao do brasil




Sonokinetic is a company that provides great quality sample libraries, ranging from ethnic and orchestral instruments to vocal choirs. You can find a good list of stunning products, so it’s worth to check their website (

Percussão do Brasil (Brazilian percussion) is a sample library of 16 percussion instruments from a typical Brazilian ensemble and it was produced as a Kontakt patch. So, a full version of Kontakt 5 will be needed. Unfortunately, this product is not compatible with the free Kontakt player.

Each percussion instrument was recorded using two microphone positions and a few articulations. In the Kontakt interface you can find also EQ controls, reverb and something called “Ensemblator”. This particular feature emulates several people playing together the same percussion instrument, exactly as we see in an percussion ensemble, or in an orchestra, for example. So, by rotating the Spread knob you can set the size of the “ensemble”.

The product comes with 2 more Brazilian percussion instruments as a bonus: berimbau and cuica.

If you want to add exotic percussion sounds or a Samba style to your productions, Percussao do brasil  is a great choice.


  • 200 samples, 44.1kHz – 24bit, 100% royalty free;
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 5.1.0 (and above) format;
  • 16 traditional Brazilian percussion instruments: claves, shaker, cax, cowbell, agogo bell, guiro, chocalhos, whistle, bass surdo, timbale, caisse, pandeiro, surdo, caxia, repinique, tamborim;
  • Two-handed mode: it adds the instrument on the Kontakt keyboard twice. So you can play them with both hands, making it possible to play faster;

Retail price: €49,90 via direct download on Sonokinetic website (

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