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Yes, you read it correctly: it’s a huge 6GB free sample library, with more than 300 Kontakt instruments, such as pads, basses, leads, synths and more. It was a $199 product, but Vstbuzz and Prodyon are giving it for free.

Shortnoise is very intuitive and efficient: most parameters are easily displayed for quick and easy editing.

The editing interface can be understood as a 3-column/2-line system:  the columns control amplitude, filter and pitch settings while lines give access to their parameters. The first “line” will envelopes:  the amp section has tune, pan, velocity and transpose controls. The filter section comes with cutoff, resonance, envelope and velocity buttons. The pitch part has an amount control. Each section has its own ADSR virtual knobs.

The second line controls additional settings: you can find an Effects section for amplitude and LFO sections for filter and pitch.

Although the product is designed to work with Kontakt, you can use the thousands of WAV files included with your preferred sample editor.


–    6GB in size;

–    300 Kontakt Instruments and 150 Kontakt multis;

–    Over 11,000 24-bit, 44.100 kHz WAV files;

–    Requires Kontakt 4 or higher;

–    Not compatible with free Kontakt Player;

–    Arps, basses, pads, keys, synths and sound effects.

All sounds are 100% royalty-free.

To download Shortnoise just register in the Vstbuzz website:

On Line Music Courses from