Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Roland Boutique synth line up

Roland Boutique synth

Roland have announced 3 new synthesizers, under their Boutique moniker. Based upon the much loved and longed for Jupiter 8, the JX-3P and the Juno 106, these re-imaginings are set to bring the sounds of these desired synths into the hands of fans new and old. Utilising Roland’s modelling technology ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) as seen with the recent Aira products, the goal was to reproduce some of Roland’s other classics.

The re-imaginings sees a compact version of the original beasts, that boast built in speakers and the ability to run on batteries. Developing the portability concept, Roland are also realising a mini keyboard into which any of the Boutique synths can slot in.

All units feature 4 voices of polyphony, mini jacks and USB so you can also use either unit as an audio interface.

If you feel a 4 voice JP-8 isn’t enough, you can also chain 2 together to stack up to 8 voice.

We’ll run a review in the coming weeks on these amazing new additions.


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