Roland TB-3 tips and tricks
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Roland TB-3 tips and tricks

Roland’s Transistor Bass or TB-303 hit the market place from 1982 to 1984 and its safe to say what a huge influence it had on music.

From Acid house through to techno, its unmistakable sound features on countless classic tracks.

Nowadays, an original unit will set you back thousands of dollars, so when Roland announced the TB-03 Touch Bassline a lot of people had the opportunity to get their hands on that TB-303 sound.

If you’re one of those people, you’ll be pleased we’ve pulled together some tips to help you get more from this fantastic device.

Roland TB-3 tips and tricks

No. 1 – Update Away

Roland frequently update the firmware on the Aira range and each update usually features additional functionality

The 1.10 update saw some new features including the facility for Read time recording via external MIDI. Be sure to keep yours up to date.

No. 2 – Clearing Notes and Patterns

Starting in Realtime Record mode – hold down CLEAR/REST whilst the pattern is playing and it will clear notes in real time
If you’re using the Step Record – use the Value dial to flick between steps then hit CLEAR/REST to clear that note.

Finally to quickly delete an entire pattern, simply switch to that pattern, hold down CLEAR/REST – wait for the display to show “CLR” then hit Start/Stop.

No. 3 – Transpose a pattern

Whilst you pattern is playing out, hold the KEYBOARD button then select a new root note

No. 4 – Grab the Midi Implementation

Roland have put up on their website the midi implementation guide for the Roland TB-3 – so head over there and grab a copy
so you can start writing your controller automations in your DAW. CC74 anyone ? 🙂

Hope these tips help you get even more out your TB-3

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