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The new Roland JD-XA synthesizer

Roland JD-XA synthesizer

Roland JD-XA synthesizer
The new Roland JD-XA synthesizer marries up an analogue 4 part synth with a 4 part digital synth using Roland’s SuperNATURAL engine.

So starting with the Analogue Engine, each of the four analogue parts have two oscillators, coupled with amp and filter sections together with four envelopes.There’s also two LFOs available. This setup also allows you to configure the JD-XA into an 8 oscillator monster. Roland  have also included an Analogue dry output or you can send the sound into the effects section for even more creative possibilities.

Roland JD-XA synthesizer rear

Where things get interesting though is the inclusion of the four part sixty four voice digital engine allowing you to create some truly inspired and expressive sounds.

The 49 Key built in keyboard comes with Velocity and channel aftertouch and sits beneath a panel of controller heavan.

Sitting amongst the analogue area are the one hundred percent analogue filters resulting in a very smooth slope when you turn the knobs.

Roland have also equipped the JD-XA synthesizer  with some serious and versatile effects. Each Analogue and Digital part has an MFX processor offering up sixty seven different effects. This is complemented by five system effect processors offering reverb, delay, a master EQ and two TFX processors which themselves offer up twenty nine effect types each !

The JD-XA synthesizer also features a 16 track pattern sequencer you can use to build loops or sequences with using either Step Recording or Real-Time recording.

Every dial, slider and wheel is backlit in a beatiful red colour scheme which adds to the appeal of the JD-XA. The ability to use either of the synth’s engines independantly or interactively provides you with very powerful and expressive sonic creation opportunities.

This is truly an outstanding synthesizer which is equally suited to live performance or studio work.


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