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Duo-Capture Ex is one of the Roland’s options for mobile and home studios. It is compact, but with great onboard professional features.

In the front panel there are two combo XLR/TRS input jacks (with independent volume knobs) so that you can plug in a guitar, bass, keyboard, microphone or any other instrument. There is also a phone jack and a master output knob. Duo-Capture Ex is equipped with VS preamps, the same found on Roland’s professional digital mixers.

In the rear panel we can see Midi In/Out jacks, so it’s possible to connect midi keyboards, drum machines, and any other midi gear. There are two main ¼ TRS outputs, a Phantom Power switch, a computer/iPad switch and a USB port. This one can be used to both connect the Duo-Capture Ex to your computer or an iPad. The INST switch allows the user to connect a high impedance instrument (such as a guitar) on input 1.

The product uses USB 2.0 connectivity and can record two inputs simultaneously. It doesn’t require an external power supply if you connect it to a computer. However, if you’re using Duo-Capture Ex with an iPad, it will require an external power supply or it also works with 3 AA batteries.


–    24bit/48Khz audio interface;

–    Dual VS preamps;

–    2 XLR/TRS combo inputs;

–    2 TRS analog outputs;

–    Phantom Power;

–    Powered by USB, 3 AA batteries or AC power supply (optional);

–    Requires Apple Camera Connection kit to work with iPads;

–    Includes Ableton Live Lite software.

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