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Roland JP-8080 Retro Review

Roland JP-8080 Retro Review

Following on from the 1997 release of the keyboard synth JP-8000, Roland launched their rack version the JP-8080 synthesizer a year later in 1998.

One reason Roland JP-8080 quickly gained popularity amongst musicians and producers was its control layout, the synth’s ability to sound both warm and fat and, particularly for trance artists, the SuperSaw Oscillator.

Modelled on the Jupiter series synthesizers, though digitally, so Roland JP-8080 can be viewed as not having the full warmth that it’s analogue relatives had.

Let’s check out its specifications

  • Polyphony – 10 voices (8 voices if using Voice Modulation)
  • Osc 1 Waveforms – SuperSaw, Triangle Mod, Noise, Feedback, Square (PWM), Saw, Triangle
  • Osc 2 Waveforms – Square (PWM), Saw, Triangle, Noise
  • Effects – MultiFX – 13 types
  • Effects – Delay – 5 types
  • Voice Modulation -two 12 band band-pass filters, Noise, Robot Oscillators, Dedicated effect unit for Voice Modulator

The Roland JP-8080 uses the same analog modeling sound source as the JP-8000 but it also provides a voice modulator function, an External Input Synthesis function and a Unison feature for even richer sounds.

Even though the unit is discontinued, you can still pick this up quite cheaply via Ebay, or in Virtual form via a number of VST emulations such as SuperWave’s Ultimate softsynth, although you’ll miss the hands on tweakability that made this such a popular instrument.


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