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Project Bravo is the successor to the acclaimed Project Alpha. Created by renowned sound designers Daniel James and Aaron Frensley, it’s a hybrid sound library, excellent for soundtracks and very useful for film, video game and TV composers.

Project Bravo has an intuitive and straightforward user interface, and everything you need is there.

You can even load any sample and manipulate it using the interface.

The display at the center shows the step sequencer, with additional dual and gate controls. Both can turn any sound into pulsing rhythms.

Below it, you can see ADSR controls for Pitch, Amp and Filter, along with an Int (intensity) parameter.

At the right, there are knobs for a 3-band EQ, and you can adjust frequency, width and gain settings.

There’s also a Compressor, with Input, Ratio, Attack, Release, Makeup and Mix buttons.



An LFO section makes it possible to set a waveform and adjust Rate and Intensity parameters, as well as switch the adjustments to the Filter or the Amp section.

At the left, you can see the FX section, where you can choose from Filter, Punch, Grit, Delay, Comp or Reverb parameters. Each parameter has its own group of control knobs.

Notice the send levels to Reverb and Delay settings at the bottom.

Project Bravo also has a display at the center which shows the details of the current parameter set.


– Up to 2 Gb of new sample content;

– 200 Kontakt patches;

– Dual Control sequencer;

– Gate sequencer;

– Open Wave Format – easy drag and drop all sample content into your DAW;

– Sound categories: Impacts, Booms, Whooshbangs, Risers, Downers, Signature Sounds, Drones, Reverse FX, Tempo Synced Rhythms, Synth Arps, Synth Pads and Synth Basses.

– Requires full version of Kontakt (5.3.1 or higher).

Visit Hybrid Two website: www.hybridtwo.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com