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Platform M is a DAW control surface by Icon Pro Audio. It is designed to work perfectly with your preferred Digital Audio Workstation, and it’s great for musicians, producers, and engineers.

The product comes with custom maps for DAWs such as Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, ProTools, Logic, Reaper, Reason and more. It’s also possible to set your own custom mappings with iMap Software (included). It is a class-compliant unit – no drivers needed.

At the top, there are eight rotary knobs, generally used for track pan, aux send levels and plugins parameters. It is a dual-function control (rotate and enter).

Platform M also has eight motorized faders, set usually for track volume. Another fader is at the right, and it’s assigned for master volume.


Each track comes with Solo, Mute, Sel and Rec illuminated buttons. Each button will have a specific function depending on the DAW. Usually, Sel will function as a select button for the current track. Rec will arm the track for recording. Solo and Mute are self-explanatory.

At the top right, there are four buttons: Chan Up, Chan Down, Bank Up and Bank Down.

Below it, transport and zoom controls are available. Platform M has a Jog Wheel, which is used for several functions.

The rear panel has USB port, 12V power adapter (included), and LCD Module input, which is used to connect Platform D (not included).

Platform M is not USB powered, so the power adapter is needed.


– 9 touch-sensitive motorized faders;

– 8 dual-function knobs;

– Jog wheel;

– Transport buttons;

– Mackie control built-in;

– Mackie HUI built-in;

– iMap software included;

– USB 2.0;

– 12V/5A power adapter included;

– Cubase LE and Samplitude LE included.

Visit Icon website: www.iconproaudio.com


On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com