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PG-8X 2.0 is a virtual synth, inspired by the Roland JX-8P vintage hardware. It was created by Martin Lüders, and it’s available for free download.

The interface is based on Roland PG-800 programmer. It has two oscillators with four waveforms each, Tune and Fine Tune knobs, an octave range, and a mixer section where it’s possible to set the output volume of them.

The VCF section has four settings of HPF, cutoff and resonance controls. Notice that both Oscillators and Filter have controls for LFO modulation and envelope.

The LFO section allows the user to choose between 3 waveforms, as well as set delay time, rate and modulation wheel intensity.

At the bottom, there are two ADSR sections: the first one will set the Filter envelope. The second one will set the Amplitude envelope.

PG-8X 2.0 also has a native Chorus effect and aftertouch controls. It’s possible to choose how aftertouch will affect the overall volume, brilliance or sound vibrato.



The synth has a Midi Learn feature for all parameters. Just right-click a control and move a button, slider or knob of your preferred midi controller.

It’s possible to save all your patches by clicking on the blue Save button at the top, as well as load a patch by clicking the correspondent Load button. There’s also a Random button, which will load a random set of parameters, resulting in interesting combinations.


– Up to 12-voice polyphony;

– 2 oscillators, with Saw, Square, Pulse and Noise waveforms;

– Hard Sync and Ring Modulation;

– 2 ADSR envelope generators;

– High Pass Filter;

– Midi Learn;

– Stereo Chorus available;

– 32-bit and 64-bit versions;

– Mac and Windows formats.

You can download PG-8X 2.0 on Martin Lüders page:  

Pianist, keyboardist and music producer.

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