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OUTPUT SIGNAL VST- Plugin Boutique


Output Signal VST – Plugin Boutique is an impressive website where you can purchase the best VST plugins – virtual instruments, synths, samplers, patches, effects, tools and much more. The site is owned by the Loopmasters team, worldwide known for their wide range of high-quality sample libraries for producers and DJs.

You will find excellent plugins from the best manufacturers in the market such as Big Fish Audio, Novation, Toontrack, U-he, Wave Alchemy, Waves, XLN Audio, iZotope, FXpansion, Arturia, Antares, AIR Music Technology, just to name a few.

There’s also a Course section, with lots of music production video tutorials and tips.

The Deals section offers good discounts – you should check it out.

In the Free section you can find a variety of instruments and effects – synths, drum machines, samplers, presets, effects, etc. It’s definitely a good place to start.

It’s available for download in the free section a trial version of Signal, by Output: a sample-based Kontakt instrument with a revolutionary concept of manipulating an audio sample to turn it into a stunning rhythm patch.

Signal has a Pulse Engine feature that can shape a source file adding rhythm patterns, pulse types and effects, resulting in a remarkable and original sound.

The full product comes with over 40 GB of high-quality audio samples both synthesized and acoustic.

There are also 500 pulse instruments in the preset library – you could spend hours just trying them.

Signal has two pulse engines, and each one has a main and a second rhythm sector. It’s possible to load an audio source in each pulse to start manipulating the parameters. There’s a wide selection of built-in effects as well, such as delays, reverbs, saturation, compression, etc.

The four macros in the main screen allow you to keep morphing the sound. Each macro slider can control up to six parameters at once, so you can have thousands of sound possibilities to explore.

Features, Output Signal VST :

  • 40GB of sound samples;
  • 500 Pulse Instruments ready to play;
  • Up to 4 simultaneous pulses;
  • 4 Macro sliders to control up to 6 parameters each;
  • Free Kontakt Player or Kontakt full version5.3.1 or higher.

The free version comes with four sound sources, 2GB of content and 25 presets (Pulse Instruments). If you’re running the Kontakt player, there’s a 15-minute limit of use.

You can download the free demo version in the Plugin Boutique website:

Plugin Boutique also has the full version available:

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