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Sample Science has released Orion, a free VST/AU  sound module. It is a rompler that contains only public domain samples. Simplicity is the key. The idea is to have a light instrument, that covers all basic patches, such as pianos, basses, strings, analog synths, percussion, etc. Sample Science also declares that they want to release new expansion packs in the future.

Orion is a useful tool for loop libraries, to register music ideas and even to include in music productions.

The layout is simple and clean. At the left, there’s a Vel Range knob, which allows the user to adjust the amplitude velocity. Notice that there’s also a Pan knob. At the right, a main Volume knob.

Below the display, there are ADSR knobs, as well as a Glide control.

At the center, the display shows information about the current patch. It’s possible to set the voice mode (mono, poly or legato). An LFO knob, with depth and rate controls, is available and can be set to affect pitch, expression or pan. A simple room reverb is present, and can be added to any patch.

Orion Sound Module is totally free and it can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Visit Sample Science website: http://www.samplescience.ca/  

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com