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Olympus Elements is the entry version of Olympus Choir. It is an incredible choir sound library which runs on both Kontakt Player and Kontakt Full. This plugin is excellent for producers and composers who needs choir voices and effects in a straightforward instrument.

The instrument contains the core vowel articulations (Ah, Ee, Eh, Ei, Ih, Mm, Oh and Oo) available in close mic position. Male and female divisi choir sections voices have a full dynamic range. Voice articulations include marcato, staccato, sustain and legato, as well as effects and ambiances. The instrument also has a Phrase Master section, which works as a step sequencer using the available vowel articulations.

The interface is simple and easy to use: male voices (Men) at the left, female voices (Women) at the right, divided by blend, x-fade and legato controls at the center.

Both Men and Women sections have knobs for Swell, Attack time and Pan. Below it controls for Offset, Release time and Release volume. It’s also possible to set the key range for each section, as well as set keyswitch regions. You can select the vowel articulation by clicking the arrow at the right, which will open a drop-down menu.


There’s a shortcut for this function: the red keys in the Kontakt keyboard (for Men layer) or the green keys (Women layer). The Vowel Master patch also has buttons to switch between Sustain and Staccato modes.

You can enable or disable a layer by clicking on the button at the left of Men or Women’s dropdowns.

At the center, the Blend control can be activated by clicking on the small circle button next to the slider. When enabled, works as a crossfader between male and female voices.

The Legato section emulates a legato articulation. The user can set up to 3 voices of polyphony for each layer (Men or Women), the legato Range, transition Speed and Bend.

The Phrasemaster section is a 16-step sequencer, and it’s possible to switch between men, women or ensemble voices with sustain, staccato or legato articulations.

Olympus Elements has an FX section, with Reverb, Vibrato and EQ settings. Once again, clicking on the circle next to the effect will activate/deactivate it. Clicking on the effect name will open their own effect menu.


– Men’s and women’s divisi sections;

– 8 vowel articulations available in pp and ff dynamic ranges;

– Sustain, staccato and marcato articulations with shaping and time-stretching options;

– Legato function with customizable options;

– Special FX presets;

– Over 50 reverb impulses, including Halls, Cathedrals, Studios, Garages, etc.;

– 12 Atmospheric and Custom FX presets;

– 24 bit/ 48 kHz samples;

– Over 3000 samples;

– Free Kontakt Player or full Kontakt required (5.5.1 and above).


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