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Native Instruments introduces FLESH

Native Instruments introduces FLESH

New REAKTOR Instrument transforms rhythmic samples into rich melodic
November 16, 2015, Berlin – Native Instruments today released  – a FLESH
new REAKTOR Instrument developed by electronic musician, producer, and
inventor Tim Exile. FLESH uses a set of advanced algorithms to turn
rhythmic source material into all the elements of a complete production,
including basslines, melodies, chords, harmonies, and more. The instrument
is aimed at creative producers looking to enhance their live sets or find fresh
inspiration for their original productions through a fun, improvisational
approach. FLESH is available now at the NI Online Shop for $99 / 99 € / ¥
11,800 / £89 / $AU149 and runs in REAKTOR 6 or the free REAKTOR 6

Native Instruments Flesh

“The concept for FLESH came to me when touring with my custom looping,
beatmaking, and improvising instrument that I built in REAKTOR,” says Tim
Exile. “I was missing a way to make harmonic and melodic material in a live,
improvised scenario. I wanted something that would empower me to create
expressive and dynamic sounds which fit in perfectly with whatever was going
on at the time.”
FLESH was designed to be a fun and easy-to-use performance instrument. Its
advanced algorithms analyze the transients and spectral profile of sampled
source material in the background. This information is then sent to four
audio engines as curves and triggers for re-synthesizing the source material.
The result is dynamic riffs, grooves, and chords that retain the feel of the
original sample. This advanced processing is made possible by the REAKTOR
6 engine.


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