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Motör 61 is a 61-key USB/Midi controller from Behringer. It is part of the Motör Series that also includes Motör 49. Mötor 61 is designed to give the user a good set of sliders, knobs, pads and buttons to control virtual instruments and DAWs.

Both Mötor 49 and 61 come with nine motorized and touch sensitive faders, which is not so usual in keyboard controllers, and can control volume and drawbar organs, for example.

Next to the faders there are eight illuminated, endless encoders, with LED rings. Below it, the transport panel, with six buttons.

Motör 61 also has eight backlit drum pads, velocity and pressure sensitivity. It’s possible to set the pads for fixed velocity, variable velocity, double-beat and repeat using the four buttons at the right.

The device comes with four bank selects for faders, encoders and pads so that the user can save a custom mapping for quick access.

At the top left there is a large backlit LCD screen, with adjustable contrast and brightness. A set of buttons at the bottom allows the user to navigate through menus and parameters. There’s also a Data push-encoder knob, with additional Back and Forward buttons, for fast and easy scrolling, selecting and  editing.

Motör 61 and 49 have semi-weighted keys, with velocity and aftertouch.

The rear panel has 5-pin Midi In, Out and Thru/Merge, as well as Expression and Sustain inputs. There’s also a USB port and a external power input (power adapter included). Motör 61 can be USB powered, however the fader motors are disabled.


– 61 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch;

– 9 motorized and touch-sensitive faders;

– 8 velocity and pressure-sensitive backlit drum pads;

– 8 rotary encoders with LED rings;

– Large LCD display;

– Transport panel;

– Built-in arpeggiator;

– Midi In/Out/Thru;

– USB port;

– Windows and Mac OS compatible;

– Preset mappings for most popular DAWs in the market.

Motör 61 comes with a full version of Tracktion, as well as up to 100 instrument/effect plugins (via download).

Visit Behringer website: https://www.music-group.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com