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Modor is a new synthesizer company, made by synth enthusiasts who want to deliver great products ready for electronic music. The company has recently launched at Superbooth 17 the NF-1m, which is a more compact version of their NF-1 model.

For the ones who are not familiar with the NF-1 synth, it is a digital DSP synth, which comes with 3 oscillators, one classic resonant filter, a resonant filter, built-in effects, (such as chorus, flanger and delay), and a modulation section.

NF-1m, also called MiniModor, comes with a smaller number of controls, to make it a portable version of NF-1. It also has three oscillators, classic resonant filter, formant filter, built-in effects (chorus and delay), two envelope sections, and a modulation matrix.

There are six buttons to select each section (Osc, Filt, Env, LFO and Mod). Once selected, the user can edit specific parameters through five knobs, numbered 1 to 5 (at the right, just under the LCD display).

NF-1m also comes with two large Def buttons, that can be assigned to control any parameter for fast access.

The product has Midi In/Out/Thru connections, as well as two balanced outputs, sustain and expression pedal inputs. It requires a 9V external power adapter (included).


– 8 voices;

– Poly, mono and legato modes;

– 3 oscillators;

– 3 LFOs;

– Resonant filter;

– Formant filter;

– Built-in chorus and delay;

– Mod matrix;

– 8 rotary knobs;

– 8 buttons;

– 1 rotary encoder;

– 1 main volume knob;

– Midi In/Out/Thru 5-pin jacks;

– Audio left and right outputs;

– Sustain and volume/modulation jacks;

– Green backlit LCD display;

– 9V adapter connection.

Visit Modor website: www.modormusic.com

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