Maschine Tutorials Sampling with Maschine

Maschine Tutorials Sampling with Maschine

In this episode of our Maschine tutorials,  we look at how to sample and  the sampling options within Maschine 2.
How you can quickly navigate around either the hardware or the software to quickly set up sampling, or use the sample edit functions within Maschine.

In the tutorial we take a phrase sample, of a piano riff, and edit this to individual parts and spread this out over our Maschine pads whilst trimming and sculpting each sound to suit an individual trigger. We’ll also take you through adjusting the pitch to further tailor the sounds to your needs so you can really customise your pads from a simple phrase to create one awesome performance set up.

This really helps demonstrate how powerful and creative Maschine is. We can further sculpt our now split out individual sounds using the A D S R parameters.

Once we’ve finalised our separation of the original loop across the pads, adding in some drum samples, we now have an awesome kit you can really go to town with.

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