M-Audio Code Series controllers

If you’re looking for a controller full of resources and with great integration with daws, it’s worth to check the new M-Audio Code Series. There are 3 models available: 25, 49 and 61 keys. One of the innovations about this controller is the XY pad, which offers a very pleasant and user-friendly way of controlling multiple parameters, such as filter cutoff, volume, pan, and so on. Here are some additional features:


  • Semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard, and the keys are designed as piano keys;
  • 8 knobs, 9 faders and 9 buttons, fully assignable;
  • 16 velocity sensitive trigger pads (also assignable), usually for drum samples and clip launching;
  • Midi in and midi out;
  • Sustain and volume pedal inputs.


M-Audio Code Series controllers


M-Audio Code series comes with Ableton Live Lite version and 2 full softwares (from Air Music Technology): Hybrid 3.0, which is a virtual synthesizer and Loom, a virtual modular synthesizer.


Clearly M-Audio is continuously improving the Axiom architecture in a versatile new model. So, you don’t need a controller full of keys? The Code 25 is perfect for you. Are you a keyboardist and you need to perform live or in the studio? Try Code 61 or Code 49.


If you still don’t know if it is the right product for you, find a dealer next to you in the website (http://www.m-audio.com/dealers) and make a test drive.