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Lethal is the debut product from Lethal Audio. It is a rompler soft synth full of amazing features.

The main idea is about saving time. Lethal is a plugin directed to musicians and producers who doesn’t want to spend hours with sound design. It comes with a wide range of commercial-quality presets so that the user can browse and start creating music.

Lethal’s interface is designed to be easy and dynamic, with awesome features and possibilities.

In the main screen, at the left, you can see typical Amp, Filter, and Pitch controls. Each one has LFO and Curve parameters to shape the sound. At the center is the main Library option, where you can browse through instruments by category. At the right there are some additional controls, such as vibrato, detune and drive.

By clicking on the ARP, TG, FX, Source and System buttons, it’s possible to access its correspondent features, which will be displayed at the center of the interface.

Lethal seems to be the main rival for Nexus 2, which is also a rompler with limited sound design options.


– 5GB library – over 3000 presets ranging from pianos, synths, leads, pads drums to ambiance and effects;

– Amp, Filter and Pitch controls;

– An impressive set of customizable effects processor;

– Arpeggiator;

– Trance Gate: a rhythm arpeggiator;

– Free expansion packs until June 2017.

Visit Lethal Audio website: www.lethalaudio.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com