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Novation Launch Control XL is a control surface designed for full integration with Ableton Live, but also powerful when used with any other DAW. It offers a variety of control options, as a class-compliant midi and Hui product, ideal for musicians, producers, DJs, and performers.

It comes with 24 rotary knobs, eight sliders, 16 buttons and eight function buttons, all fully assignable. There are eight factory and eight user templates so that you can save your custom mappings for easy access.

If you’re not an Ableton Live user, you can operate Launch Control XL with DAWs such as Protools, Logic, Cubase, among others in a very simple and straightforward way.

When using with Ableton Live, Launch Control XL has a factory template which allows the user to access all main functions of the Session View easily. It will cover its first eight tracks, although it’s possible to navigate through the remaining tracks via Track Select left and right buttons.


The first two rows of rotary knobs are used to access Send A and Send B channels, while the third row will work as a Pan control. When the Device button is selected, the third row will change the parameters of the focused device on the track. So, for example, if Track 1 is selected and you press the Device button, it will access the controls of the first device from the respective track. Holding the Device button and tapping the Track Select left and right buttons will make you navigate through all devices in the track.

Each track will have its dedicated slider for volume control. Below the sliders, you can see a set of eight Track Focus buttons. Those buttons can be used to select a track and can also be mapped to play a clip from the particular track.

The last set of eight buttons can be used to either control Mute, Solo or Arm the selected track.

Launch Control XL is compatible with Mac, PC and iOS devices.


– Dedicated control surface for Ableton Live and other DAW software;

– 24 rotary knobs with multicolor LEDs;

– 8 sliders;

– 16 multicolor buttons;

– 8 custom control buttons;

– USB powered;

– Class-compliant Midi and Hui support;

– Mac, PC and iOS compatible;

– Ableton Live Lite included;

– 1 GB of Loopmasters samples via download.

Visit Novation website: www.us.novationmusic.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com