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Taktile is one of the series of Korg’s midi controllers. There are two models available: 25 and 49 semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keys. It’s a good option for producers and keyboardists. It’s a plug and play controller – all you need to do is connect Taktile to a computer using the USB port.

The 49 keys model (seen above) has fully assignable modulation and pitch wheels, transport controls, eight knobs, eight sliders and eight buttons, as well as 16 velocity sensitive trigger pads.

The product has a built-in arpeggiator, with six types and 50 rhythm patterns.

The main feature is the X/Y pad, similar as the one found on Kaoss Pad, which can control DAWs and plugins parameters. It can also work as a mouse, when in the Track Pad mode. The ribbon controller below the X/Y pad works as the mouse’s left and right buttons.

The velocity-sensitive pads can trigger sounds or even play chords (when the user activates the Touch Scale mode). The chords will be automatically built by choosing one of the 35 available scales, so it is easy to create interesting melodies and harmonies.

Taktile has preset midi mappings for most DAWs, and all controls are fully assignable.

Features (49 keys model):

–    49 semi weighted, velocity-sensitive keys;

–    Arpeggiator;

–    8 knobs, 8 sliders and 8 buttons;

–    Transport control;

–    Modulation and pitch wheels (also assignable);

–    Touch Pad;

–    USB port for connection and power supply;

–    2 assignable jacks (switch and pedal);

–    Midi In/Out;

–    Korg Bundle Software pin card included;

–    Weight: 3.8 kg / 8.38 lbs.

The 25-key model has 8 trigger pads (instead of 16) and it doesn’t have the 8 knobs set.

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