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The NanoKontrol Studio is a compact midi control surface that can be used with most any DAW in the market. The new feature about the product is the possibility of connecting it to your laptop or iOS device not only via USB port but also wirelessly, using the Bluetooth LE technology.

NanoKontrol has a set of knobs, buttons, and faders ready to control the main features of your preferred DAW, such as track select, volume, solo, pan, mute and rec. It also has a transport panel, with regular play, stop, rec buttons and a jog wheel for scrubbing and track navigation.

It’s also possible to customize the product using the Korg Kontrol Editor software or mapping the controls directly in your DAW.

NanoKontrol is a nice choice for working in the studio and performing live as well.

The product comes with Korg Software Bundle code so that the user can download PC, Mac, and iOS music sofwares like Korg Gadget Le, Korg Module Le, Korg Legacy Collection – M1 Le, Propellerhead Reason Limited, among others.


–    8 knobs, 8 sliders, 32 buttons;

–    USB connection;

–    Bluetooth Low Energy wireless;

–    Two AAA batteries needed for power supply when connected wirelessly;

–    Store up to 5 snapshots for quick scene recall;

–    Includes software bundle code for PC, MAC, and iOS devices.

Korg NanoKontrol average price is $149.00.

Visit Korg’s website: www.korg.com 

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com