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DI4 is a 2-in/2-out, 24bit/96kHz audio interface by Audient. With a Class-A mic preamp and high-performance AD-DA converters, it is an excellent option for home and mobile studios.

The upper panel has Mic and D.I  gain knobs. There’s also the Monitor Mix control, for zero-input latency. A Mute Speakers button will mute the speaker outputs but maintain the signal to the headphone outputs. This is important, for example, when recording microphones. iD button, when enabled, will allow the unit to map a plugin parameter, and change it by tweaking the volume encoder.

By simultaneously pressing Mute and iD will activate the Monitor Pan feature. It makes possible to adjust panorama from channels 1 and 2. Their meters are located above the Volume knob.

The rear panel shows the USB 2.0 port (for power and connection), stereo speaker outputs, an on/off phantom power switch, and a combo XLR/TRS input for mic/line.

In the front panel, there’s the D.I. input (channel 2) which has a JFET circuitry that adds some warmth and distortion to the sound. You can plug electric guitars, basses or keyboards to this jack. There are also two TRS headphone outputs (3.5mm and 1/4 in).

Although the unit has no Midi In/Out jacks, it’s possible to connect any USB Midi keyboard to a USB port on your computer and there will be no conflict with the audio interface.

ID4 is also compatible with iOS devices. All you need is a Camera Adapter Kit (not included) and a Powered USB Hub (not included) to produce and record through your iPad or iPhone.


– 2 inputs and 2 outputs;

– 24bit/96 kHz resolution;

– 1 Class-A mic preamp;

– 1 JFET instrument input;

– Zero Latency monitoring;

– 2 headphone outputs;

– uSB 2.0 bus powered;

– Windows, macOS and iOS compatible.

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