SP 1200 from Mars
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A FREE SP-1200 from Mars Offers, SAMPLE PACK

SP 1200 from Mars was founded by producer/engineer Eddie Mars and offers high-quality drum and synth samples. Based in Brooklyn, NYC, Mars creates amazing samples from rare and classic gear such as drum machines, analog synthesizers, vintage samples and more.

The new release is SP 1200 From Mars, a sample library built with the E-Mu SP-1200, a classic sample and drum machine. SP-1200 was released in 1987.  And even with a low sample rate and just 10 seconds of recording memory, artists heavily used it. The sampler was present in the hip-hop early ages, because of its versatility and creative possibilities. And also because it helped to reduce studio costs.

Mars’ sample library includes sounds of SP-1200 drum kits. As well as samples recorded from Roland 606, 707, 808, 909, Oberheim DX drum machines, and vinyl drums (by sampling drum parts out of a vinyl record). Synths like Juno 60, Polysix and DX-100, were also sampled in a very laborious process.

The result is an astonishing vintage-style sample library which you can purchase via direct download in the Samples from Mars website (www.samplesfrommars.com) at $59.00. You can download a free pack with some of the fabulous samples from this library at http://samplesfrommars.com/pages/free-sp-from-mars

The 220MB pack includes:

–    65 SP-1200 drum and 136 synth WAVs;

–    5 Kontakt 4 and Logic synth instruments;

–    1 Kontakt 4 and Login drum instrument.

SP 1200 from Mars requires Kontakt 4 or higher (it doesn’t support the Free Kontakt Player), Ableton Suite 9.5 or Logic 9+.

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