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Beatmaker has released Free ROMplay 2 Lite: a free version of their sample-based instrument named ROMplay 2. This sound module is a rompler and is designed for most electronic genres, sound design and soundtrack genres, and comes with sounds such as keyboards, leads, pads, synths, FX, textures and more. It’s a total of 144 cool presets to explore.

ROMplay 2 Lite comes with just 10 presets, but the whole functionality is the same.

At the top, there’s the preset selector which gives access to all the sounds.

At the left, there are volume knobs for Noise and Vinyl effects, along with individual Pan controls. There’s also a Layer 1 button, which will add some kind of light distortion to the sound. Layer 2 adds a very subtle high frequency to the patch. Both layers have individual Pan controls as well.

At the center, there’s a set of global parameters, such as gain and pan. There are knobs for Attack, Release, Pitch and Amplitude, and even a Reverb volume control.

At the left, a cool LFO sector, with LFO Depth and Rate knobs. Romplay 2 Lite comes with five LFO waveforms, and it’s possible to choose between three sources (mod wheel, aftertouch or velocity) and three destinations (pan. expression or pitch). The instrument has a voice mode selector, and the user can select between poly, mono or legato modes.

Unfortunately, there’s no midi learn fuction, and also it’s not possible to import audio samples, but ROMplay 2 Lite is a cool instrument to add into your productions.


– Free sample-based rompler;

– Keyboards, synths, leads, pads, FX and textures;

– 4 extra layers;

– LFO rate and depth controls;

– LFO waveform, source and destination options;

– Global attack, release, pitch, amplitude and reverb controls;

– 3 voice modes: poly, mono and legato;

– Windows and Mac compatible;

– 32 and 64-bit versions;

– Compatible with most popular DAWs on the market.

Visit BeatMaker website: www.beatmaker.xyz


On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com