Orange Tree Samples is a sample library company that produces Kontakt high-quality instruments. Evolution Strawberry emulates with great proficiency the electric guitars’ nuances.
The instrument covers both lead and rhythm guitar. Digging in the features can be a little confusing at the beginning, so I recommend you to read the pdf manual. You will realize that there are a lot of additional features that you can configure, such as articulations of mutes, sustain, harmonics, tappings, bends, vibratos, pick noises, etc.
There is also a full set of effects like tremolo, distortion, EQ, reverbs, wah, chorus, flanger, compressor, delay and amp simulators as well.

Orange Tree - Evolution Strawberry

Evolution has a nice strumming engine that comes with excellent preset patterns. Moreover, you can set and save your own strumming patterns. A lot of attributes can be customized, like the articulation and speed; you can also add articulation effects (noises, mutes, bends, etc.).
The chord section has preset patterns and functions which brings realism to the performance. And just like all the instrument features, you can create and customize chord patterns.
– Kontakt instrument (requires, at least, Kontakt 5.5.1);
– Kontakt Player compatible;
– Over 3GB of realistic guitar samples;
– Built-in effects;
– Strumming patterns;
– Legato articulations;
– Slides;
– Highly customizable.
Evolution Strawberry can be purchased (pricing $179) at the Orange Tree Samples website: