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ETHERA ZERO-G – a cinematic vocal instrument. It is a sound library created with sample voices of singer Clara Sorace, and it’s perfect for new age and cinematic productions, but it’s also great for EDM, soul and world music.

Ethera contains three features: Legato, Pads and Phrases.

Legato Section

The Legato section is a set of ‘Ahs’ and ‘Ohs’ voice samples with amazing control possibilities. You can play these samples in legato or staccato mode. A set of knobs makes it possible to change parameters such as sample attack, speed, release time and volume, vibrato rate, panorama and sample volume. There’s also a Double function, which will load more voice samples, resulting in a stronger and bigger sound.

ethera legato gui

The Pads section is a set of fantastic patches, perfect for cinematic and relaxing music.

Phrases Section

The Phrases section (seen below) is a set of 45 phrase patches, from several music styles. You can combine and mix all these patches to edit the existing phrases or even to create new ones.

All phrases have 2 types of sync control: Host, which will sync phrases with the BPM of your host, and TM, which will sync the phrases by the time stretch feature. Sync, Pitch and Stretch controls will be available only when Time Mode is set to on.

There are controls for Attack, Speed, Release Time, Release Volume and sample Volume – with identical functions as seen in Legato section.

Off Set 1 is a control that will change the starting point of the sample. It will allow the user to create new phrases and edit the existing ones.

Off Set 2 control will be available when Legato mode is switched on. It will set a second start point of a phrase, resulting in the possibility to glue two phrases with different starting points.


There’s a cool FX section, including a Modulator FX (Chorus, Flanger and Phaser), EQ, Filter, Compressor, Drive, Reverb and Delay sections.

You will also find an extra folder called Ethera Extra with 28 additional patches, with 6 knobs to control the main parameters of each patch (with available midi learn possibility).


– 2.5 Gb of 24-bit, 48 kHz Kontakt samples;

– ‘Oh’ and ‘Ah’ legato and staccato patches;

– FX rack;

– Natural vibrato, using Mod Wheel;

– Voice samples from highly acclaimed vocalist Clara Sorace;

– Kontakt 5.5.14 or higher – it won’t work with Free Kontakt Player.

Visit Zero-G website: http://www.zero-g.co.uk

Pianist, keyboardist and music producer.

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