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entry level Midi Controllers

entry level Midi Controllers

let’s take a look at entry level Midi Controllers, particularly to suit the smaller budgets.

So basically a midi controller is hardware device that can generate and transmit MIDI data, typically wired up to your computer or another MIDI device such as a rack mount synth.

A budget controller can affordably deliver you a control surface that enables you to interface with your Digital Audio Workstation whether to control virtual instruments, your DAW’s mixer, or even control parameters such as EQ and effects.

Midi Controllers these day come in all shape and sizes, from keyboard only versions, to drum pads, right through to modifiers like Modulation wheels, faders or even ribbon controllers. Using a midi controller removes the point and click music making approach when using a mouse and can offer a more expressive route to creating your tracks.

So here we go with our round up of some of our favourite budget midi controllers.

NanoKey Midi Controllers

1 – The Korg nanoKey

25 velocity sensitive keys, this USB bus powered super portable controller also offers the ability to control other parameters using the keys and not just notes.
It also features controls for Pitch, Modulation and Sustain, and octave buttons to access the full range of notes. This is one awesome compact controller keyboard.

LPD-8, Midi Controllers

2 – The Akai LPD8

Featuring Pads this time but perfect for creating beats or triggering samples, the Akai does not even hit 13 inches across, but this USB Bus powered pad controller features 8 velocity sensitive pads, 8 assignable knobs and boasts plug and play technology.
You can assign any of the dials to control what you want within your software and it’s small enough to fit in a back pack for music making on the go !


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