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Harmonic Subtones is a Munich-based company, which develops virtual instruments using the Kontakt platform. Emotional Cello is a remarkable work of sampling a significant number of nuances and articulations of a cello, resulting in a stunning software, perfect for film scoring, music productions, and songwriting.

The samples were recorded in the Mastermix Studio – Germany, using high-quality mics, such as Neumann U47 and KM184 and in a room with excellent acoustics.

Emotional Cello comes with three masterpatches: Emotional Cello, with 16 articulations (via key switch); Sulpontcello, with 16 articulations, and Harmonic Cello, with 5 articulations.


The main masterpatch is Emotional Cello (shown in the picture above). At the left, there are the 16 articulation types. The first four are nonlegato or staccato possibilities. The others are legato types. Notice that each one has its correspondent key displayed at the left. You can change articulations in real time.

At the bottom, there are Portamento Velocity and Bow Change Velocity settings. Depending on how hard you play a key, you can hear a portamento, a bow change or a finger legato. Displayed between the two is the articulation monitor, which shows the active articulation and the legato type that is currently active.

At the right, you can see Legato and Portamento trimming controls. It will allow the user to adjust legato and portamento speed. The more you set the orange bar to the right, the faster the articulation will be. You can configure the volume of the portamento transitions.

At the center, there is the Attack mode switch, with four attack types and an attack note volume knob.

Emotional Cello also has an FX page, where the user can set saturation levels, stereo image, room fx, reverb fx and pitch bend sensitivity. There’s also a Timbre selector that offers four types of mastering EQ.

Emotional Cello is available on Best Service website: www.bestservice.de

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com