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Sonivox has released Eighty Eight Ensemble 2.0 – a virtual piano instrument. It is a recreation of the Steinway 9-foot CD 327 grand piano. It has up to 1500 samples, recorded with 16 dynamic levels. At the same time, 88 Ensemble 2.0 has several controls to design the instrument sound.

At the top there is the menu bar, with left and right output levels meter and buttons for load, save and browse patches. There is also a midi learn button, so it’s possible to map any button to a midi controller.

At the bottom, you can see the virtual keyboard, with controls for Transpose, Tune, Velocity and Key Split.

The main editing window shows, at the left, typical Volume and Pan controls. It’s possible to add sounds to the piano via layer or split. Layer button controls the volume of layered instruments (such as pads, strings, and choirs). Solo adjusts the lead volume when in Layer or Combi mode. Bass knob will adjust the volume of the bass layer.


The Pedal knob will add a pedal noise to the sound when the user releases the sustain pedal.

The Release knob will adjust the release parameter of the patch.

Eighty Eight Ensemble 2.0 comes with a Limiter switch, and there are knobs to set its gain and threshold. There’s also a switch for a 4-band EQ, where you can increase or reduce Low, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid or High frequencies.

The virtual instrument also comes with a Reverb processor, with knobs for Size, Damp, and Wide, as well as Dry and Wet parameters.


– Over 11 GB of high-quality patches;

– 16 velocity levels per note;

– Over 1500 samples;

– 52 solo piano presets;

– 35 Combination patches with layered sounds;

– 16 Split Combinations with Bass and/or Solo instruments;

– Limiter;

– 4-band EQ;

– Reverb;

– Midi Learn;

– 32 and 64-bit versions;

Visit Sonivox website: http://sonivoxmi.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com