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DS1 is a portable MIDI mixer, designed for mixing, production and performance. It is a collaboration between Livid Instruments and Dubspot – one of the world’s leading schools of electronic music production. The result is a versatile, light, and rugged product, perfect for studio and stage.

The product comes with 9 faders, 44 knobs, 4 encoders and 25 buttons, all totally customizable. The idea is to use DS1 as a mixing console and also as a performance controller. It gives easy and fast access to levels, effects or instrument parameters.

Since DS1 is a class-compliant device (no drivers required), all the user needs to do is connect it to a computer through the USB port. The product is compatible with any software that supports MIDI, and it comes with templates for most used DAWs, such as Reason, Logic, Ableton Live, Bitwig, Traktor and more.

DS1 layout works as a studio mixer, and there are eight channel strips, each one with one slider, two buttons and five knobs. At the right, there are four encoders with push-switch function, four knobs and a set of nine buttons, that could be used, for example, as a transport panel. There’s also a Main fader, that can work as a master volume fader.


The side panel has a USB port, a DC connection for external power supply and also an analog expansion jack, that can be used either for Livid crossfader or an expression pedal.

The user can also download DS1 software editor, which can be used to save and recall custom mappings, set LED colors, restore default settings and more.


– 9 60mm faders;

– 44 knobs;

– 25 buttons with RGB indicator LEDs;

– 4 encoders;

– Expansion input;

– USB 2.0 port;

– External power supply jack (adapter not included);

– Templates for popular DAWs;

– Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu.

Visit Livid Instruments website: www.lividinstruments.com

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com