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Auddict is a company based in London, UK, which produces sample libraries and virtual instruments. Drums of the Deep is a collection of sampled drums, and it runs as a Kontakt instrument. Auddict did a great job recording drums sounds that are used in film scores, and the result is an impressive and versatile library.

The instrument comes with two versions of each drum: a produced Three Mic Position (3M) and a raw Seven Mic Position (7M).

The 3M uses mics placed in the finest placements to bring out the best of the instrument. Each drum then has controls for Close, Mid, and Far perspectives.




The 7M offers seven mic perspectives, displayed from the closest to the more distant. It’s perfect for the user who wants more control to shape the sounds.

Both 3M and 7M have faders to adjust the level of each position, as well as solo and purge buttons.

There are knobs for pitch, low cut, and high cut filters, and also for ADSR settings.

The list of drum sounds: Taiko 60” and 28”, Deep Bass Drum, Verdi Bass Drum, Dhol, Djembe, Djun-djun, Ship Bell, Tabor, and Tam-tam.

Drums of the Deep has 12GB in size, and it requires Kontakt 4 (or higher). It’s not compatible with free Kontakt Player.

Visit Auddict website: www.auddict.com.

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com