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Audionomy is an iOS audio software company based in France. Their debut was with DM1, a sample-based drum machine. DM2 is their newest release: a drum synthesizer software, capable of quickly and intuitively design impressive drum and percussion sounds, as well as create patterns and sequences in an effortless way.

The main screen shows the step sequencer, so you can start by creating a pattern from scratch. DM2 comes with nine types of voices: kick, snare, hi-hats (open and close), rimshot, cowbell, tom, and cymbal. The sequencer can be set to 16 or 32 steps, but one great possibility is the polymetric feature – you can set any number of steps (between 1 and 32). This feature can be accessed by tapping the Steps button at the top.

The Pads button opens a screen with the real-time sequencer. There are nine pads, where the user can record auto-quantized finger drumming. There is also a beat repeat function.

The app comes with a lot of drum kits, all fully customizable.

The Drums button opens the Audio Synthesis editor. Each voice has a patch editor where you can edit parameters like oscillator waveform, pitch modulation, filter, envelope, and noise filter (which has also an envelope parameter control).

DM2 comes with Quad Pad effects processor – it’s possible to add four effect types on the master channel: Pressure (compressor or overdrive), Modulation (phaser or chorus), Delay and Reverb.

The app also has a Mixer screen and a Song screen. In the Mixer, you have individual controls for track volume, pan, and solo, as well as a master volume control. Song menu has an efficient flow, where the user can drag and drop the pattern onto the timeline and set the number of times it will be repeated.


–    1 oscillator per track with 4 possible waveforms: saw, triangle, sin, and square;

–    Noise generator;

–    Filter, noise and oscillator envelopes;

–    Ready made electronic drum kits;

–    9 pads to play and record patterns;

–    Beat repeat feature;

–    Quad effects processor;

–    16 or 32-step sequencer;

–    Polymetric sequencer;

–    Audiobus support;

–    Inter-app audio support;

–    Midi implementation;

–    Ableton Link compatible;

–    MIDI tempo sync.

DM2 runs on any iPad and requires iOS 8 or later. You can get it on AppStore for $4.99.

Visit Audionomy website: www.audionomy.fr

On Line Music Courses from Pluginboutique.com