Digitech trio plus guitar pedal
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Digitech Trio plus Guitar Pedal

Digitech have picked up a best in show for their Trio+  band creator and looper pedal.

This easy to use guitar pedal actually listens to what you’re playing on your guitar, enabling you to teach it your rhythm and chords, in order for it to generate drum and bass parts!

The levels can be set and adjusted to suit with variable bass line setttings.

The Trio plus also has a neat feature to loop and sequence your own guitar parts. Once looped you can also apply any of the built in effects to your guitar or you can add in your own effects using the FX Send and Return jacks.

12 varieties of music types are provided, from County, blues, R&B, Folk, Latin, Jazz, Rock, metal, alternative rock and electronic, with 12 different styles per music type.

There’s also a slot for a MicroSD for you to store your songs.

With controls for Genre, style, loop level, drum level, bass level, tempo, headpone output levels, FX return and sent inputs and outputs together with a soft click footswitch, the Trio plus is a brilliant addition to your guitar pedal line up.

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