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Dave Smith Instruments announced a desktop module of the popular Prophet Rev2 keyboard. It will be a 16-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer, and with the same layout and controls as the keyboard version. According to the company, the model will be available in October.

The model has 2 oscillators, 4 available waveforms (sawtooth, triangle, saw+triangle and pulse), with a sub octave oscillator. There’s also an LFO sector, with 5 waveforms, as well as sync and destination options.

The Prophet Rev2 has an amazing Curtis Low-Filter section, with typical cutoff and resonance knobs, as well as envelope amount, key amount, velocity, modulation, and ADSR controls.

The amplitude section has ADSR envelope controls, env amount, velocity, delay and pan spread knobs. The machine has an Auxiliary Envelope section where it’s possible to route to other parameters.

The unit will have an effects sector, with reverb, delay, chorus phase shifter, ring modulation and distortion.

There’s a built-in step-sequencer, with up to 64 steps and 6 notes per step. The user can choose between poly or gated modes. An arpeggiator, with typical up, down, up+down, random and assign modes is available.

Prophet Rev2 comes with Midi In/Out/Thru, as well as main outputs, phones outputs and auxiliary outputs.

The modulation sector has an 8-slot mod matrix, and it’s possible to choose between 22 sources and 53 destinations, not to mention 5 additional dedicated sources (mod wheel, velocity, footswitch, pressure and breath controller).

The instrument comes with 512 factory patches and also a bank of 512 user programs where it’s possible to use 2 separate sounds in each program.


– 2 oscillators;

– 1 Low-Pass filter;

– 3 envelope generators;

– 4 LFOs;

– Built-in step-sequencer;

– Modulation section;

– Built-in arpeggiator;

– 512 factory programs;

– 512 user programs;

– Midi In/Out/Thru;

– 2 Main outputs;

– 2 aux outputs;

– sustain pedal input;

– Pedal/CV input;

– Phones output.

Visit Dave Smiths Instruments: www.davesmithinstruments.com.

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