Massive metallic bass tutorial

Massive Metallic Bass Tutorial

Massive Metallic Bass Tutorial Let's talk about Bass. Or rather a metallic bass sound. Using Massive. Jump right in and let's get started. Don't forget to hit subscribe or share this with...
Skrillex Trollphace Massive tutorial

Skrillex Trollphace Massive tutorial

Skrillex Trollphace Massive tutorial. In this episode of Massive tutorials, we look at how you can start programming your own sounds from scratch. Taking Skrillex's Trollphace synth sound as a basis the tutorial...
Datsik - Massive Tutorial

Datsik – Massive Tutorial

Datsik - Massive Tutorial This week's Massive producers tutorial we look at creating a Datsik sound. Grab the screenshot and get producing !
Massive - Macro Controls

Massive – Macro Controls – episode five

Massive - Macro Controls - episode five In this episode we look at Massive's Macro Controls, their function and what you can achieve with them. Assigning Macro's let you then control multiple parameters...
Massive Ultimate Rhythmic Growl

Massive – Ultimate Rhythmic Growl

Ok, time to get down and dirty. This episode we'll knock up a synth growl, throw in some clever controls and use the sound to drive out a rhythmn at the...
Deadmau5 Superliminal

Deadmau5 Superliminal Massive Tutorial

Deadmau5 Superliminal Massive Tutorial In episode ten of our massive tutorials, we take a look at a Deadmau5 Superliminal sound and how you can create this sound as well. Stand by as we...
Oliver Heldens Future Synth

Oliver Heldens Future Synth massive tutorial

Oliver Heldens Future Synth Next up in our series of Massive tutorials, we set our sights on Oliver Heldens and a Future House synth sound. Using the insert options and the often scary...
getter rip n dip

Getter Massive Tutorial

Getter Massive Tutorial In this video, let's create a Getter style synth line using Massive and Ableton. Don't worry if you don't use Ableton as your DAW, as you can apply the...
Massive - Macro Controls

Massive – Envelopes – episode two

Massive - Envelopes - episode two Ok, in this episode we're taking a look at Massive's Envelopes and how you can use envelopes to shape and control your own sounds. Jumping in to...